New Miele Vacuum-Sealing Drawer

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New Miele Vacuum-Sealing Drawer

Master Sous Vide Cooking with Miele’s Built-In Vacuum Drawer

Miele announced the availability of the new Vacuum-Sealing Drawer, which is revolutionizing how people cook, prepare and store food. At 24-inches wide and featuring Miele’s distinguished PureLine design, the Miele vacuum drawer can be installed in seamless alignment with the combi-steam oven to provide an efficient working station for sous-vide cooking. Souse-Vide is a French term which means cooking “under vacuum.  Sous vide is particularly ideal for meat and fish as this method allows herbs, seasoning and marinades to develop their full aroma without the flavor evaporating; the effect of marinating is even considerably enhanced. Low levels of moisture loss mean that meat and fish do not lose substance. This method cooks at a consistently low temperature over a long period which intensifies flavor while maintaining shape, vitamins and nutrients. On top of sous-vide cooking, the Vacuum Sealing Drawer can be used for preparing, storing and portioning foods for fresher and healthier meals. Miele also provides an attachment for vacuum sealing containers so food storage is made easier.

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