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Thermador Range Error Code 43

Thermador Range Error Code 43 may occur on Thermador Pro ranges if an incorrect accessory backsplash has been installed.  It may also occur if the sail switch is not positioned correctly. 

  • Possible Cause:
  1. The vents on the backsplash must be positioned directly behind the cooling fans. If the vents are not properly aligned with the fans, insufficient airflow may cause the fan to shut down and a code 43 will result.
  2. When the fan is off, the sail switch should be in the open position, and when the fan is on, the switch should be in the closed position. However, if the sail switch is mounted to the fan housing at a downward angle, and the sail is pulled further downward by the airflow of the fan, there may not be sufficient force to return the sail to its starting position (switch open) when the oven is turned off. If the switch is left in the closed position, a fault code 43 will result the next time the oven is used.All Pro ranges built prior to September 2007 (prior to FD 8709) were built with a sail switch and may be affected (see page 2 for a list of models).
  • Solution: To resolve the issue, reposition the sail switch mounting plate so that it is parallel to the bottom of the cooling fan housing. `
  1. Remove two screws which are securing the switch mounting plate to cooling fan housing.
  2. Reposition mounting plate on fan housing so that right screw hole on plate is aligned with center screw hole on right edge of fan housing.
  3. Reattach switch mounting plate to fan housing using one of the original screws. Bottom of switch mounting plate must be parallel to bottom of fan housing.
  4. Carefully drill a new hole in fan housing by using left mounting plate screw hole as a guide.
    Do not let metal shavings fall into electrical components
  5. Insert remaining screw to fully secure the switch mounting plate in the new position.
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