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Monogram Pro Cooktops Buzzing Noise

Monogram Pro Cooktops Buzzing Noise. 

Monogram Pro Cooktops make a buzzing noise when not in use.  Consumer may notice a buzzing or humming noise even when they are not using the cooktop. Vibration associated with the LED power supply board at the bottom of the cooktop is most likely the cause of this problem. The transformer fins on the LED power supply may be touching the access door causing the vibration noise.  Solution: If there is evidence of transformer fins touching the access door, there are two ways you can fix this problem: First, you can try by using the self-adhesive mastic. Attach mastic strips to the transformer side of the access cover. The mastic will act as spacers and help dampen the noise.  Second, you can replace the LED power supply board with the new one. Models affected: ZGU364LDP, ZGU364LRP, ZGU364NDP, ZGU364NRP, ZGU366LP, ZGU366NP, ZGU484LGP, ZGU484NGP, ZGU486LDP, ZGU486LRP, ZGU486NDP, ZGU486NRP. Note: There is a second transformer on many of these units which supply power to the spark module. It can also produce vibrating noises, especially if the harness bracket above is too close to the transformer.  GE Monogram Repair San Diego
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