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Bosch Washer E13 Error


Bosch Washer E13 Error indicates that the drain time exceeded. Control interrupts the cycle and displays E13 error.

  • Possible Cause: defective drain pump, plugged drain filter, blocked or kinked drain hose, wire harness, electronic control.`
  • Solution: make sure that the drain filter and the hose are not plugged with lint or debris. Check the drain pump for continuity and check the impeller for damages. Check the power supply to the drain pump. Inspect the wire harness and proceed accordingly. `
Periodically clean the drain pump cover from debris. Before the drain pump cover is being  removed, drain the residual water from the washer completely. Use the manual drain hose attached to the drain pump. Bosch Washer Repair San Diego (619)339-5682  |  (858)208-3549   |   (949)432-0720
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