The Future Of Microwave Cooking

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The Future Of Microwave Cooking

The future of microwave cooking is solid-state power amplifier (SSPA)

The good old magnetron does a high quality job delivering microwave energy in the microwave ovens.  However the magnetron has limitations. It solely has on-off control and the mixture of the magnetron and cooking cavity makes hot-spots and cold-spots within the meals. Use of turntable and the stirrer helps preventing hot spots and cooks meals equally. With the use of solid-state power amplifier we will get faster and more delicate cooking.

Manufacturers of solid-state power amplifiers see it as a powerful potential progress market simply because these units can substitute the magnetron’s function in the microwave ovens. So, will the SSPA-based microwave quickly replace the magnetron-based one in your house? The higher cost of the SSPA (for now) is definitely an issue. It’s seemingly that the biggest SSPA usage will come in commercial settings with their greater efficiency, lower operating cost, and longer life.

Maybe the hi-end microwave ovens will have a label on the front panel declaring “Solid State Power Amplifier Inside”.

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