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Miele Washer Troubleshooting Tips

Miele Washer Troubleshooting Tips

The most common customers complaint is that over the period of time, the Miele washing machine wash results begin to decline. Listed are few  tips for you to improve your washer machine performance.

Overuse of detergent. Excessive use of detergent can cause over sudsing in the unit. Same applies for over use of the fabric softener. Continued over sudsing will cause detergent build-up within washing machine. To eliminate detergent build-up use more often cycles at the temperature 170F or more.

Washing at lower temperatureThe water temperature is very important for the effectiveness of the washing machine. Because Miele does not recommend the use of a liquid chlorine bleach, it is important to wash whites at a high temperature. If whites are washed at temperatures below 140°, the whites will start to gray. This can be corrected by washing the items at a higher temperature. Of course, it is imperative to always follow the manufacture’s instructions for washing the garments. 

  • If a customer is going to use temperatures at 120° or above it is recommended that they use a prewash cycle first. At temperatures of 120° and above, the incoming water is hot and will set any organic stains on the fabric. A prewash cycle is a short 13-minute cycle that uses cold water only, thus removing any organic stains on the clothing. 
  • If a customer has white garments that can not be washed at a higher temperature, they can always use a detergent with bleach or the can add a non-chlorine powdered bleach, such as Clorox II, to the main wash detergent compartment. If this is the case, remind the customer that these non-chlorine bleaches do have some sudsing properties and they should use ½ the normal amount of detergent and fill the other ½ with the non-chlorine bleach.

Grease and rust stains on clothing. It is impossible for the washing machine, itself, to cause grease or rust spots on the clothing. There are no mechanical parts within the machine that will cause this problem. 

  • Typically, these grease spots are caused by washing unlike colors at the same time at to high of a temperature. Because of the wash action it is possible for clothes to get a spotted from another article of clothing that has bled within the wash cycle. 
  • As far as the rust spots are concerned, it is possible that an underwire from a bra or any other metal add-on to the garment can come out and lodge itself between the inner and outer tubs. After a period of time this underwire will begin to rust and can stain the garments being washed. Another indication of this will be a very loud grinding sound when the unit is in operation, although this is not always the case. Unfortunately, it probably will not be possible for the customers to remove the underwire themselves. If this appears to be happening, the customer will need to have a service call with an service company.

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