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Sub-Zero Maintenance Service

Sub-Zero refrigerators are well known for their reliable, trouble-free performance. MD Appliance offers professional Sub-Zero Maintenance Service in San Diego CA. There are a few tips to keep your Sub-Zero in tip-top shape for years to come.

- Condenser Cleaning

The most important Sub-Zero maintenance service is a regular condenser cleaning. This will protect compressors of overheating and will prolong it's life. You can do it yourself but it is important to do it correctly. If you don’t you might damage the condenser fins. - How to clean your Sub-Zero condenser? With the soft brush first and then with vacuum cleaner, remove the dust build-up. Move the brush and the vacuum cleaner up-down, into direction of the condenser fins to avoid bending them. If you would rather a professional handle the job call MD Appliance LLC and we will do it for you. We recommend scheduling a condenser cleaning about once a year in the spring time.

- Ice Maker Maintenance

If you don’t use ice from the ice maker regularly, it’s a good idea to empty the ice tray once every week to prevent the ice from clumping and tasting stale. If you use ice frequently, just clean the unit once a month or whenever it sits for a long period of time.

- Air and Water Filter Replacement

Change the air and water filter at least once a year. Don’t worry about trying to remember this because the digital readout on the unit will notify you when it is time to change them!

- Cleaning the Inside of your Sub-Zero

It’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator periodically. Spills and debris can cause odor and cause bad flavors in some of your fresh and cooked foods. If you're not certain that you can safely perform these simple maintenance tasks our advice is to call for Sub-Zero Repair Service.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair San Diego

MD Appliance LLC offers professional Sub-Zero Repair San Diego CA. No matter how extensive the damage to your Sub-Zero may be, our technicians will fix it. They are true professionals, rigorously screened, and trained. Their performance cover product maintenance, diagnostics, repair, and customer relations. They only use genuine Sub-Zero parts for your appliance needs. Above all, our mission is to provide you with guaranteed satisfaction and the highest quality service possible. We appreciate your business and we are looking forward to work on your Sub-Zero.

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Sub-Zero new brand of luxury dishwashers

Sub-Zero and Wolf announced new brand of luxury dishwashers

Sub-Zero and Wolf, the industry leaders in premium refrigeration, wine preservation and cooking equipment, announce their newest brand, Cove, setting a standard in luxury dishwashing. Engineered with the same commitment to quality, innovation and design flexibility as Sub-Zero and Wolf, Cove joins its kitchen counterparts in refrigeration and cooking. Five years in the making, the Cove dishwasher made its debut at the 2018 Architectural Digest show. Sub-Zero Wolf company worked hard to include everything a buyer might want in a super high-end dishwasher, such as: 1. Sturdy construction This made-in-Wisconsin machine has thick racks, coated with nylon to prevent scratching and breakage. 2. Cleaning ability With three spray arms and 43 jets, Cove aspires reach and remove food particles from all the dishes. 3. Flexible loading Green connectors indicate an adjustable part. Every tine is moveable, so even popular square-shaped dishes fit easily. The second rack has three height adjustments, and users can fine-tune them by adjusting each side separately. Of course, there's a third rack, though it's not deeper in the middle the way some brands make them now. But Cove lets users remove the silverware grids to admit really tall dishes. There's a silverware basket at the front of the bottom rack, so there will always be a place for knives, forks, and spoons. 4. Serious drying To get dishes really dry, Cove uses a hotter final rinse and a fan. Plus, the second rack, where two rows of glasses go, is angled to allow water to run off. 5. Quiet running Although the brand didn't provide a decibel measurement, it claims that the Cove offers near silent operation. Cove also has an "extra quiet" mode, which takes longer that its other cycles. 6. Connectivity Users can set up and start this dishwasher from an app.