Viking Oven is not Heating

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Viking Oven is not Heating

Viking Oven is not Heating

Warning: To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death, disconnect power to unit before servicing.

Problem: Viking oven is not heating, and it does not come on. When you turn the oven on, oven ignitor is not sparking. Therefore, the oven burner does not come and the oven is not heating.

Solution: Replace the DSI Module located under the front left surface burner, behind the vent grill. According to the Viking Range Technical Bulletin (TC-0063A-SP), for certain Viking range models DSI module, part number PA020056, is no longer available and and it has been replaced with service kit part number 027348-000. Service kit (number 027348-000) has been created to modify existing units to the new system.  In order to replace the existing module with the new design, the mounting and wiring to the module must be modified. 

• On VGIC 3 and 4 series ranges, the module is located on the rear of the range.
• On VGCC 5 series ranges, the module is located on a slide out tray behind the landing ledge, right side of unit.
• On VGIC 5 series ranges, the module is located under the right rear burner on side of burner box.
• On the DCCG series ranges, the module is located behind the kick plate.

Models Affected: DCCG130-4B, VGCC548-4GQ, VGIC366-6B, VGIC486-4GQ, VGSC548-6G, DCCG 1301-4B, VGCC548-6G, VGIC536-6B, VGIC486-6G, VGSC5304B, VGCC530, VGIC306, VGIC368-4Q, VGIC488-4GQ, VGSC536-4Q, VGCC536-4Q, VGIC308, VGIC368-6B, VGIC488-6G, VGSC536-6B, VGCC536-6B, VGIC366-4Q, VGIC530-4B, VGSC548-4GQ. 

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