5 Reasons Viking Gas Oven Is Not Heating

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5 Reasons Viking Gas Oven Is Not Heating

5 Reasons Viking Gas Oven Is Not Heating

Viking Range, LLC is the leading manufacturer of the kitchen appliances. But even the Viking appliances are not perfect. Nothing is as quite frustrating as when your high quality Viking oven stops working. These are the 5 most common reasons why your Viking oven not working properly. Most of them require professional attention.

1. Oven ignitor is not working properly

Oven igniter glows to the certain temperature, opens up the gas valve and the oven turns on. When igniter fails it causes many different problems in the oven. The oven will take longer time to start, it will fail to maintain temperature or will just not come on at all. Replacing the oven igniter will fix that problem. It is important to replace the oven ignitor with genuine Viking spare part because it will last longer then any other similar igniter.

2. Direct Spark Ignition Module is not working

DSI Module controls the sparking in the Viking oven. When it stops working usually the oven spark ignitor will not spark and the oven will not come on. To fix that problem you will need to replace the DSI Module.

3. The burner orifice is clogged

When your burner orifice is clogged it will reduce or stop the gas flow to the burner. Your oven will not come on or the flame will be too low due to insufficient gas flow. To clean the burner orifice you can use the sawing needle or a paperclip.

4. Oven thermostat is nor working properly

Oven thermostat controls the temperature in your Viking oven. Most commonly your oven will start overheating when oven thermostat fails. But also, your oven might not heat enough or just will not turn on. Replacing the Viking oven thermostat is not an easy project. Most of the time it will require oven to be pulled out of the kitchen cabinet. Therefore you will need to call a skilled Viking Oven Repair Professionals to fix your oven thermostat.

5. Oven selector switch is not working properly

Viking oven selector switch makes you choose the oven cycle you want to use. When it fails to operate, you won’t be able to choose between bake, broil, convection bake or any other available oven cycle.

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