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KitchenAid Induction Cooktop

KitchenAid induction cooktop burners not operating. Models KICU500X**0*

  • Symptom: Burners not operating. Possible error codes displayed: C-81, F-12, F-40, F-47
  • Possible causes: 
  1. Ventilation Ports blocked –poor air flow through the cooktop
  2. Cooling Fans not operating
  3. Blown Fuse on Power Supply Board
  4. Heat build up on the induction module heat sink causing IGBTs (Insulated gate bipolar transistor) to brake down.
  • Solution
  1. Check for blocked Ventilation Ports.
  2. Check Cooling Fan operation. 
  3. Check for blown fuses on Power Supply Board
  4. Replace the User Interface and Induction PC Board
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